Connecting The World To The
Amazing Story Of Jesus
Connecting The World
To The Amazing
Story Of Jesus

Who We Are

We're Christians. Christians who believe technology should be used to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. We believe that the Word of God that was spoken both today and decades ago, in churches across the world, is still able to meet us where we are, and gives us the only correct answers to the questions we have every today. This is true because God is as relevant today as He was 20 years ago, 200 years ago, 2000 years ago. We want to put decades of God's teachings at your fingertips. Our searchable and filterable engine, powered by the latest breakthroughs in technology, will allow you to sift through tens of thousands of hours of Messages, instantly, to find the answers you need, to the questions you have right now.
From Genesis to Revelation, the message of Christ permeates throughout the story. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to research, find answers to or just enjoy the story of Jesus.
It's The Great Commission. Go and tell. Whether you're meeting with your homegroup in the suburbs of Dallas or you're gathering on a dusty road in Angola, we'll connect you with thousands of hours of Christ's teachings, helping equip you to go, and tell.
Truth is Truth. Whether you spoke it 20 years ago or today, if you're talking about the Word of God, it still applies. We put decades of Truth at your fingertips.


Our Vision is to turn millions of hours of largely unused Christian media archives into a vibrant well of knowledge that is effortlessly and instantly searchable. By leveraging the latest technology, we will radically alter the way online Christian media is consumed. And, in the end, make the Gospel of Christ effortlessly available across the globe.